Social media: put people before platforms

Great article from Josh Porter on talking about how Facebook might well be temporary. Key quote:

What happens when all the cool kids leave and nobody goes there anymore? It has happened with all of them so far, from the online BBSes of the 80s right up to Facebook’s predecessor MySpace, which while still having millions of users is doing poorly financially and has lost its cool edge. 


Good timing too – it comes in the week where News Corp has got rid of half of the staff and is effectively putting MySpace up for sale. Wondering whether Mr Murdoch now regrets that $560m investment in 2005?

Plus my own first experience with “online communities” – UK-Dance – has dwindled to the point of not really being there at all… Where did all those “cool kids” go?

Meanwhile I am currently trying to formulate my views for social media for our business. Can’t help coming back to being people-centered rather than platform-centered. Instead of asking the question “what are we going to do with Facebook?“, I’m asking myself “What more can we do to help people, that will spread goodwill and positive word of mouth?”

27,000 visitors to Crystal Ski’s GetSatisfaction forum in 3 months makes me think this is the right way to go…


One thought on “Social media: put people before platforms

  1. For me its all about opening up a conversation with customers and keeping it open – wherever they are on the web. And then to really excel start using that conversation to listen to the customers and improve the brand experience through addressing issues and improving the whole experience.

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