What the music industry is becoming (part 1 in a series)

I’ve been thinking a lot this year about what has happened to the music industry and have recently preparing a few thoughts for a post. That’s for later (writing is hard).

But *right now* I am sitting with my headphones on listening to boilerroom.tv/live. They’ve had Thom Yorke, Illum Sphere and now Caribou DJing live with a webcam on the dancefloor.

At 11pm – if I so choose, I can then tune in to Mosca on Rinse.fm. He’s standing in for SBTRKT who’s off touring somewhere I would imagine.

Then at 2am – if I can keep my eyes open that long – I can listen to Gilles Peterson on R1 with his Worldwide show till 4am. He’s got new talent (to me anyway) Michael Kiwanuka in with a live session, and some crazy Dilla remix business going down.

Basically you add that up. 6 hours of some of the world’s best and upcoming DJ talent mixed with an alternative music demi-god playing a wide selection of what they consider great tunes. I’m absolutely hooked, and yet I am sitting on my sofa at home enjoying it all at my leisure. *For free*. At a music festival or club night, several used tenners would have had to change hands for that to happen. 

And if my eyes do get droopy (likely), I can probably catch up with it all via a podcast, YouTube, iPlayer etc.

This is what the music industry is becoming…

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