Prevent the tumbleweed effect… tell me what to do!

It’s been a good 7 months since any kind of editorial activity happened here.

Around then, Posterous sold up to Twitter and I was wondering how long before I needed to migrate to Tumblr (*shudder*) or to WordPress (*technical headache*).

But then, nothing. S I L E N C E.

Driving home tonight I felt a sudden spark of, well, I hesitate to call it inspiration. The problem with blogging is that it takes a much concerted effort of thinking and typing and editing. Ranty blogs become quickly incoherent, and irrelevant.

So in the vain hope that there are, still, some dear dear people willing to spend time reading stuff freshly tapped from my finger tips and mind, I devised a plan, to whit:

Please select from the below list your preferred next blog post, and I will endeavour to provide said content within a reasonable timeframe. Your answer in the comments please.

1. How ‘orchestrating UX‘ is not just a Head of or UX Manager’s job – it’s for designers and developers too

2. On ‘dark patterns‘ and pricing in the travel industry

3. My experiences working as a strategist and change agent working in a tour operator

4. Something else. Give me a hint. You hum it and I’ll play it kinda thing.

Go on, let me know. You know you want to…


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